Narrow Participation Retirement Fund


The term “Narrow Participation Retirement Fund” means a fund established to provide retirement, disability, or death benefits to beneficiaries that are current or former employees (or persons designated by such employees) of one or more employers in consideration for services rendered, provided that:

a) the fund has fewer than 50 participants;

b) the fund is sponsored by one or more employers that are not Investment Entities or Passive NFEs;

c) the employee and employer contributions to the fund (other than transfers of assets from retirement and pension accounts described in subparagraph C(17)(a)) are limited by reference to earned income and compensation of the employee, respectively;

d) participants that are not residents of the jurisdiction in which the fund is established are not entitled to more than 20% of the fund’s assets; and

e) the fund is subject to government regulation and provides information reporting to the tax authorities.

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