Yakult Jelly Punch Recipe

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Well it's conscionable thing I marque astatine home, galore times... I emotion Yakult, a kid hood portion that reminds maine of the times erstwhile I was a small kid. It started from my wont drinking Yakult oregon immoderate different yogurt portion with immoderate ice, due to the fact that I recovered it excessively saccharine to my liking, plus, I emotion acold drinks. So, 1 time I made this, I similar plain jelly arsenic I don't privation the spirit to ruin the Yakult flavor, and you definite tin adhd immoderate elemental syrup for other sweetness.

Anyway, don't freak retired if utilizing colorful jelly... the colour volition fade, translucent conscionable similar plain jelly. I made this 1 and permission for a time successful fridge, and extremity up with achromatic jelly. 


5 bottles Yakult 2 tsp basil seeds, oregon chia seeds 1 cupful longan oregon lychee, region the syrup 1/2 cupful plain jelly (unflavored), chopped into cubes 3 tbsp elemental syrup oregon to taste 1/2 cupful crushed ice

Watch the video for the directions